Patching recent Linux kernels ( > 2.6.32 ) for MPPE and MPPC VPN

There is an excellent introduction here

The part that is missing for kernels (I am told up to 2.6.32) is the link to this:

Don’t forget to do a global search and replace of the linux version before patching,

If vi is your favorite editor then:


Later version 2.6 kernels and onwards require even later patches because of changes in the crypto API.

I couldn’t find one myself, so I made my own: a patch that works with kernel 3.2.21 that I have created is available here:

All original credits of course for the MPPC conversion go to Jan Dubiec of .  All I’ve done is ported it to the new Crypto API (and mixed some of the ppp_mppe.c code in)!

If you try to apply this patch to a very late 2.6 kernel you should take note that the ppp files have moved into their own subfolder of the net directory with the advent of 3 series kernels.  You will need to change the the folder paths to fix this.

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