Patching recent Linux kernels ( > 2.6.32 ) for MPPE and MPPC VPN

There is an excellent introduction here

The part that is missing for kernels (I am told up to 2.6.32) is the link to this:

Don’t forget to do a global search and replace of the linux version before patching,

If vi is your favorite editor then:


Later version 2.6 kernels and onwards require even later patches because of changes in the crypto API.

I couldn’t find one myself, so I made my own: a patch that works with kernel 3.2.21 that I have created is available here:

All original credits of course for the MPPC conversion go to Jan Dubiec of .  All I’ve done is ported it to the new Crypto API (and mixed some of the ppp_mppe.c code in)!

If you try to apply this patch to a very late 2.6 kernel you should take note that the ppp files have moved into their own subfolder of the net directory with the advent of 3 series kernels.  You will need to change the the folder paths to fix this.

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Dr Ben Sessa is producing a new site.

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Upgrading SSH

This is really just a note to myself:

Instructions for older versions of Slackware

First, make sure your OpenSSL is up to date:

(CAUTION – if you have Red Hat then read this: )

wget (or later when available)


./config –prefix=/usr shared


make test

make install

get openssh

You might need to upgrade zlib:


./configure –prefix=/ –exec-prefix=/usr



1. Rename the old sshd binary
2. Modify the old sshd config to have it run on a non-standard port, and reload
3. Rename the old sshd config (so it doesn’t conflict with the new one…)
4. Connect to the old sshd on the non-standard port
5. Install the new sshd via whatever method is appropriate
6. Start the new sshd on the proper port
7. Connect to the new sshd to verify that it works
8. Close the connection to the old sshd, then stop it

options for building bind: ./configure –prefix=/ –exec-prefix=/usr

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